About Me

Hi my name is Kade! So ya want to know more about me eh? Read below...
   Let’s start at the beginning, momma popped me out and 20 years later I started my journey with tattooing. 6 years later and now I’m here!

   To me, tattoos are just another form of art and expression. My goal is to design and help others with my permanent art. It’s cool to just want a tattoo of mine because you like it, but I hope most can find meaning and relate to the emotion I hide in my designs. Almost all the tattoos on my body help me remember, resolve, or inspire me in some way; my wish is to help you do the same.
   My personal style is an assortment of neotraditional, realism, crosshatching and dotwork sometimes with a sprinkle of Asian inspiration. Overall it could be labeled as "Illustrative". I prefer designs that are dark/ emotional and basically anything that is unique, detailed, and high in contrast!
I also take requests for commission work! In the past I've done custom T-shirt Designs, Logos, Posters, Book Illustrations, and numerous other Digital Art based work. Want Something not listed? Run it by me, I'm always open to trying new art projects!
   Thanks for reading my little spiel, feel free to contact me through my Instagram or by Email if you're interested in making an appointment, requesting a commission, or just want to brainstorm/chat!